As a coach, educator, certified personal trainer, wife, and mom, I am living my true passion. I am certified nationally with Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES), fully insured, and have my professional development credits up-to-date. With over 11 years of experience in coaching, educating and supporting individuals as a case manager, facilitator, personal coach and advisor in health, fitness, mental health, and social services, I am confident that I can help you obtain the results that you desire.

My main exercise philosophy is this: put in the consistent physical work, mental work, with a focus on eating a clean diet containing the right portions of macronutrients: proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats, and your body will change. You will feel better, your clothes will fit better, you’ll have more energy, and overall, you will have a better quality of life.

When you hire me, I can coach you to be a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier version of yourself. As a result, you will be more inspired to live an active life. I would love to help you to get in the best shape of your life, the strongest you ever been physically and mentally.

Canadian Fitness Education Services
Member of Canadian Fitness Education Services, 2014
Fitness Instructor of Older Adults
Received Fitness For Older Adults Certificate in 2016
National Certified Personal Trainer
National Certified Personal Trainer (PT) with CFES, 2014
Bachelor of Arts in Phychology
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of British Columbia
Looking for a Personal Trainer in Vancouver?
Professional Personal Training Services

As a certified fitness trainer, I deliver excellent Personal Training services across the Lower Mainland. I have achieved many 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook from our clients. I have been helping people to lose weight and change their bodies. I provide 1-1 Training, couples training and a full overhaul of your nutrition. Choosing a Personal Trainer can be difficult. I know how hard it can be to ask for help, but I would love to work with you to help you achieve your results.

Fitness programs
for women

The difficulty for most women, is that they don’t know how to achieve balance that is specific to them. This is where the enlistment of a personal trainer for women comes in. We will devise a program that is tailored to your individual goals so that success can be achieved and balance be restored.

Fitness programs
for Men

Have you ever looked around your gym and wondered how other men have such a lean and strong physique? Do you wonder how they look like that? What do they eat? Hiring a Personal Trainer can help take the guesswork out of training and diet, and as a result, you will achieve the results that are are looking for.

Certified Personal Trainer in Vancouver

Shelley Shumas is a certified personal trainer educated in the areas of Human Performance, Nutrition and Exercise physiology. I am experienced in various areas of fitness and mental health which will aid in achieving optimal success in your day-to-day life.

Shelley Shumas Fitness offers our own very unique packages for individual or groups sessions. This allows the client to train with a group or work privately one on one with their trainer.

our main
Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood.
With the online coaching and personal training, I will discuss the challenges you have been facing in sticking to a consistent fitness schedule and also where you have been falling short in your diet. We can identify together a fitness and meal plan that works for your lifestyle and goals.
My seminar topics include health education, health promotion, personal training and nutrition. I have a true passion for higher education and learning, mental and physical wellness, and improving the quality of life for individuals and communities.
We offer personal training to individuals living in or around Vancouver. Our reliable and certified Vancouver personal trainers help those who want to get fit or maintain their current fitness level.
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What Are the
Benefits of Hiring
A Coach

Whether your goals include leaning out, weight loss, cardio, strength gains or just overall feeling better and looking better– we’ll tailor the workout just for you. We will make your workout challenging, interesting, results-driven, and tailored to you and most of all fun.

• Keep you held accountable and motivated to get fit and with 1:1 supportive, personal coaching
• Overcome psychological barriers that are preventing you from working out
• Female trainers for your comfort and ease
• Embrace your inner strength and build confidence
• Variety of fitness programming to keep you engaged and interested
• Customized and safe fitness plan to reach your fitness goals
• Drop body fat, get leaner
• Challenge yourself and overcome plateaus
• You won’t ‘feel fat’ again
• We will push you to achieve your goals beyond your own personal limits
• Reduce back pain and general body aches and pains and reduce change of
hypertension, heart disease, obesity
• Heal your body and get stronger
• Look and feel better in your jeans, no more muffin top
• Live a longer, happier and healthier life
• More energy in your everyday life
• Time and stress management skills

• Meal Plans, Food Diary analysis and homework
• Meal planning strategies, recipe ideas, and clean food preparation
• Healthy grocery shopping consultations and pantry purges
• Learn how to make healthier choices and control night cravings
• Restock your fridge and cupboards with healthier alternatives and
getting rid of trigger foods and junk food that is high fat and sugary
• Learn how to read food labels and always check the fat and sugar
content before you make a food purchase
• Fast ways to eat clean: learn time management skills for healthier eating
• Learn how to make healthy choices when dining out
• Treats or cheat days are allowed as long as you are working out. It’s
the 80/20 Rule, 80% of the time you are eating well and 20% of the time
you are allowed those treats.
50% off
50% off
We are available for 24/7 for your fitness
Fitness Programs
• Martial arts, Kickboxing, Boxing
• Bootcamp
• Outdoor Fitness
• Strength Training
• Body Weight Training
• Bootcamp
• Outdoor Fitness
• Strength Training
• Body Weight Training
• Stretch and Flexibility Training
• Assisted Foam Rolling and Massage Balls for Myofascial/Trigger Point Release
• Trainer Assisted Stretching
Our Most
Popular Fitness Plans
Per Hour
Includes Mileage & Travel expenses
1 Training Session (60 minutes)
For Individual or Small Group
We Bring Our Own Fitness Equipment
Safe and Effective Programs
Intimidating Gym Environments
1:1 Committed Service
Per Hour
4-Week Program
4 One-to-One in Person Sessions
Full Body or Split programs
Customized Meal Plan
Includes Photos/Videos
Log to Track Your Progress
Tips and Cues for Each Exercise
Per Hour
4 sessions for 4 weeks
Custom Meal Plan
Customized Fitness Program
Access to Resources
Email Support
Log to Track Your Progress
GYM Access & Equipment
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Mental Health and Exercise

Exercise is good for your brain and mental health as it releases feel-good brain chemicals (endorphins) that may ease depression and anxiety and increases body temperature, which may have calming effects.
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Quotes for Inspiration

Think of your daily 1 hour of fitness as an important meeting with yourself. It is a priority. Do not cancel or postpone it, it come with a lifetime of benefits.
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If you have any questions, I would be happy to help you. You can email me or contact me over the phone. Thanks– Shelley Shumas
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