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Think of your daily 1 hour of fitness as an important meeting with yourself. It is a priority. Do not cancel or postpone it, it come with a lifetime of benefits.

With the plethora of information on the Internet and on social media, I am curious to see if anyone still even really reads blogs and most social media posts. I feel we just scroll and move on, maybe giving an odd “like” or comment is thrown in there. I guess, in this age, you just put it out there and hope that you spark some interest in someone. As a personal trainer and coach in health and wellness, it appears that I really do need to get myself comfortable on the Internet and on social media because if I do not, not as many people will know about me on this planet.

Therefore, over the last few months, I have had to come to terms with my fear of posting. I have been starting to post more content and videos on social media and blogging. It seems for some odd reason, I am more comfortable on Instagram, I like the creative styles they have and filters, they are fun to play with and I am getting coaching on how-to write hashtags. At first, I was like OMG I cannot believe I am drawing so much attention to myself writing these hashtags, I am mostly an introverted person but sometimes I can be an outgoing person. All of this progress for me has been due to working with a coach. I have been working with Jody Kennett, my business coach. She has really had me to re-think it and re-focus it on the IMPACT I want to make in this world. This has been a game-changer for me.

Over the past fews years, I have had times where I put up pictures and content on social media. Other times, where I am a complete recluse on it and cringe at the sight of it. And, in other instances, I have fully deleted my facebook app, a few times and, at first, I really hated #hashtags on instagram.
However, as a spirit here having a human experience, I have come to terms that if I want to participate in society and make my IMPACT and MARK, I must be blogging, on social media and get out of my comfort zone with it so I can reach more people on this planet. I guess in some respects as a private person, it does put you out there in the world.

So that is why I am trying to look at “it” differently, instead of thinking who is making a judgement or negative comment or snooping around in my business on social media, I have reframed how I think about it. Now, what my goal is now is to reach more and more people and help them in creating a life that they love and where fitness, health and wellness is a part of their every day life.

I want to change how people view exercise and fitness, it is self-care, is is form of self-love….I do believe that and I want to spread it to the world. If each person was able to have some sort of exercise for all the overall health benefits, stress relief, endorphins created, and the amazing changes it has on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health the world would be such a different place. So my goal is to spread this message and to also take time out for my own self-care and exercise. I practice what I preach!! There are so many gifts in this world to be grateful for, and our health is #1. I am so thankful for my physical health, it is so important to give thanks every day.

In closing, I would like to say, to blog or not to blog, or to post or not to post on social media, I say what IMPACT do you want to have in your life, what is your legacy, how will you make your mark in this life….to reframe what your content is and what is your message there.

We only have 1 opportunity in this life so it is IMPORTANT to have the most positive and fulfilling human experience possible. I say cheers to that with a green smoothie with protein powder of course….are you kidding!!

Much love and prayers to you

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